Dr. Erroll Southers spoke with the New York Times Magazine about the growth of white supremacist groups in the United States, the Unite the Right rally and ensuring car-ramming attack in Charlottesville, and the path forward for addressing right-wing extremism. The article reads in part:

From a law-enforcement perspective, it was chaos. Rarely did a white-supremacist event draw more than 60 people before 2016; 100 was remarkable. But Charlottesville was another galaxy, both in the sheer number of marchers and their diversity. Southers notes, “You had factions of white nationalists, white supremacists, Klan members, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates — which was like having ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab and Boko Haram at the same rally. And they were all rallying together, shoulder to shoulder, while the police watched these people go toe to toe sort of like a modern-day ‘Game of Thrones’ battle.

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