Dr. Erroll Southers spoke with The Daily Beast about the implications for FBI Director Christopher Wray if a much-debated memo questioning the Bureau’s integrity is released. The FBI said previously in a statement that the memo lacks important facts that “fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” The memo may be released despite the FBI’s warning, in which case, Director Wray may need to consider resignation. Dr. Southers said: “Given the climate and the recent activities, going as far back as Director Comey’s departure, Wray definitely must be prepared to resign.” The Daily Beast further reported:

Southers expects Wray’s tenure after the memo’s release to be “very tense. The pressure is going to continue mounting. I never thought I’d see the FBI deemed the enemy of the state by anyone, let alone people in this country,” he said.

Should Wray remain in office, Southers continued, “he’s going to have to be a rock going forward, making clear to people that his only objective [will be] to stay focused on the mission. Certain things will be out of his control, and that includes his future, as it relates to the president.”

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